The Woods/Circle #writephoto


She walked barefoot on the grass which was soft underfoot. Around her the trees stood tall and majestic like a silent audience watching her with abated breath as they waited to see what she would do next.  It was a glorious day.  The woods were bright from the sunlight which seeped through.  It was quiet, so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

With a pounding heart, flushed cheeks and excited eyes, she fluttered over to the center of the six stones and began to twirl, her arms outstretched and her head thrown back.  She closed her eyes so that she wouldn’t become giddy. Her chestnut brown hair whirled about her head and her dress flapped about her calves.  It was so exhilarating and freeing.  The wind felt good on her face.

She twirled faster and faster until she couldn’t anymore.  Laughing, she collapsed on the ground, spent but deliriously happy.  She closed her eyes and imagined that Robert was there with her.  She could feel his breath on her forehead before she felt the gentle caress of his lips.  Smiling, she raised her arms to hold him against her but all she felt was emptiness.  Her eyes flew up.

The doctor leaned over her.  “You had us worried for a moment,” he said.

Her eyes shifted to the nurse standing beside him and then it all came back like a bucketful of icy cold water splashed in her face.  She was in hospital, paralyzed from the waist down and Robert…he had died instantly.   She turned her head away and closed her eyes.

She wanted to go back to the woods where she was happy and Robert was alive.  A smile came over her face as she saw herself running through the woods again.

The doctor stared at the heart monitor which suddenly flat lined.  Frantically, they tried to revive her but to no avail.  “Death occurred at seven-forty pm.”

“But I don’t understand,” the nurse said.  “She was fine.  All her vital signs were good. She was out of danger.”

The doctor shook his head.  “You’re right.  Aside from not being able to walk again, she would have made a full recovery.  I can’t explain why we lost her.”

“Doctor, did you notice the way she smiled before…?”

“Yes, I did.  She looked happy.”


This was written in response to the Thursday Photo Prompt – Circle by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo. Click on the link if you would like to read the other stories.


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  1. Sue Vincent says:

    What a beautiful death, Deborah.

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