The Forgotten Place

Photo by Sue Vincent

He sat on the rocks, watching the waterfall.  The steady flow of the cascading waters fascinated him.  This whole place fascinated him.  He had stumbled upon it quite by accident.  He was walking one afternoon when he heard what sounded like rushing water.  Curious, he turned aside to investigate.  He was astounded at the sight that met him.  The myriad of colors, the fall, the rocks, the tangled leaves and the overgrown grass appeared to him to be something out of a fairy-tale.  He felt as if he had discovered a forgotten place.

He spent an hour just drinking in the scenery and savoring the solitude.  This soon became his favorite place where he could come and think or to read or sketch.  As he made his way down here, he noticed that there was a charming cottage nearby that was for sale.  Perhaps he should make inquiries.  He hadn’t thought of moving from London because it was close to work and so many amenities.  But, he could see himself living here in the countryside and it would be just a half-hour commute to work.  Was this place worth the move?  It most definitely was.  He didn’t want to get his hopes up.  He would go and see the cottage.

He went the next afternoon with the agent, a very attractive woman.  They were alone for the moment which suited him because he could take his time and look around.  It was a very charming cottage.  A good size, cozy and rustic.  He could see himself living very comfortably here.

“So, how do you like the cottage?” the agent asked as they stood outside after she finished showing him the house.

“I like it very much,” he told her.  “I’d like to make an offer.”

“Very well.  How much are you willing to offer for it?”

He told her.  It was above the asking price.

“I will put in your offer and will be in touch.”

They shook hands and parted company.  Two days later, she contacted him and informed him that his offer was accepted.  The cottage was his.  Thrilled, he thanked her and then on the spur of the moment, he asked, “How about celebrating over dinner this evening?”


They met at an upscale Greek restaurant where they enjoyed a sumptuous dinner and each other’s company.  The following day, he took her to his favorite place where they spent the afternoon sitting on the rocks facing the waterfall.

She turned to him and said, “Now, I understand why you wanted the cottage.”

I wrote this story for Thursday Photo Prompt – Fall at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo.


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  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Perhaps he won’t be alone there very long…


  2. If she won’t fall for him here, she never will 🙂

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