Callie Stays


“So, this is goodbye.”

“It doesn’t have to be.  You can come with me, Callie.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“I have to stay and take care of my mother.”

“I thought you wanted leave this place.”

“I do!”

“Then, come on.”

“I can’t—not yet.”

“When, Callie?  When you’re an old woman?”

“Please try to understand.”

“I’m sorry.  Goodbye, Callie.”


They hugged tightly.

He drove off as the sun set over the horizon.



74 Words


couple hugging tightly

I wrote this for the Weekend Writing Prompt by Sammi Cox. For instructions, click HERE.


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  1. I don’t know if that’s real love. True love understands without a goodbye, true love waits. Real or not, it is better to keep the good version in mind.

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    1. True love understands and is patient. No goodbyes.

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  2. He clearly doesn’t understand. Sad.

    My seventy-four!

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    1. No, it doesn’t appear that he did. And it is sad.

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  3. I like the sparse dialogue, which touches on some really big life decisions. Nicely done.

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